Saturday, August 28, 2010

Regenerative Medicine: Re-Growing Body Parts

This may seem futuristic, but it is happening today. Now imagine if we could apply this technology to those who suffer from empty nose syndrome, because of surgically removed turbinates, to burn victims, to cancer patients who are missing parts of their nose, if not most, to those like me suffering with nerve pain due to excessive removal of tissue in and around my nose tip and nostril area, even for those who need major reconstruction of the nose with grafts could benefit from this technology, since the surgeon wouldn't have to harvest the grafts from your own body which adds a lot of time to your surgery once shaped and put in place. You also wouldn't have to worry about warping, absorption, infection, or any of those downsides with grafting as performed today. It's an area that i hope some Plastic Surgeon or E.N.T. will explore. I think this is the future for nose reconstruction surgery/treatment as well as it is for all the other medical fields. One won't have to depend on donor body parts for transplants any longer. It's truly a transformational breakthrough.

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