Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Financial Burden of being a nose revision patient

What are all the financial costs of finding a good nose revision surgeon and cost of nose revision surgery?

Answer: A fortune

1. Travel:
Travel costs of course vary for each individual. When finding a surgeon out of Country or State/Province your first cost is the cost to travel for a consultation. So you have flight, hotel, food, and Surgeons consult fee to incur here. Lets say you stay couple of nights within the city your surgeon works in, this with other costs then could cost about $600 for hotel, cab $75 back and forth, esp from airport to hotel, $125 food for 3 days, and consult fee of $200. Total = $ 1000.00 plus cost of flight, lets say $600 for a Total = $1600.00

That's if you see one nose doctor, if you see more then one in the same city then you just have to add consult fee of the other surgeon and maybe additional cab fair.

Now say your not happy with that surgeon and you need or want to see more nose surgeons which require you to travel to another city.  Well if your able to do that within the same trip lets say as your above trip, then cost of flight might be extra $250.00 and hotel for couple nights $475 with food, cab $60 and consult $200 for sub total of $985.  Cost of whole trip:  Total =$1600 + $985 = $2585.00

Now you decide to go with one of the surgeons you have seen, so now your costs will include the surgery cost, and hotel costs for 7 to 10 nights of stay, since you are not suppose to fly after nose surgery that amount of days.  So cost of secondary revision surgery lets say conservative figure today $12,000.  Now add hotel fee for lets say 8 nights at $200. for amount of $!600 plus food, $320 and flight $650.00. Total = $14,570
If your taking a companion with add cost of additional seat on flight, food, etc.

So total cost = $2585 + $14570 =$17,155.00

Remember you will need prescription medication which is however a nominal extra cost.

Now that's with one revision nose surgery. What if your outcome isn't successful and you require more surgery? Well again, you have to travel for the consult appointment, and then travel again for the surgery. Very rare will someone book surgery with the surgeon before the consult or be able to arrange it right after the consult all within one trip. So first off to heal properly it takes about good 2 years before having another surgery. Mentally it may take as long as 5 years until your ready to do this again. Well in 3-5 years time prices the surgeons charges goes up, and now that your coming to see surgeon with more history and problems the cost because of that goes up substantially. Lets leave the costs from above the same except for the surgery cost. Now your nose revision cost is $ 15,000 lets be again conservative. So adding that to all your other costs and you end up with $3000 more then above total, which then will be a total of $ 20,155.00

So cost of two revisions cost you total of $37,310.  Having two revisions would not be unusual.

Unfortunately, its at this point where one realizes if it has failed again, that seeking out the best revision nose surgeon is crucial. So your still having problems with your breathing the results of the cosmetic nose revision is showing poor results after couple years now what? A tertiary surgery, Oh damn! Why wasn't I more selective about who i chose from the very beginning. Well don't kick yourself even the best of the best have bad days.
But you need a 3rd revision and its not because your picky its because you didn't have the right surgeon perform the right procedure.  OK, here we go again, now the top revision specialists quotes you $20,000 to $30,000 with anesthesia costs. Lets agree on $25,000 to correct the mess, and add the extra costs using same figures as we used above, so the cost this time around totals=$30,155.00

Now assuming you didn't travel to other city's for consults which you decided not to go with that particular surgeon, your total costs for the 3 revisions now totals= $67,465 dollars.  Hopefully 3rd time was a charm. Oh but wait the surgeon requires for you to do a follow up with him/her. Some ask for more then 3 follow ups. Lets say you do one follow up in a year, so cost is lets say as above example $1400. no charge for follow up appointment. So new grand total of $ 68,865. Wow nearly $70,000. And most likely its not at all covered, so it's all coming out of your pocket. With a companion it would be at least that much. And the prices these surgeons are charging isn't slowing down anytime soon. It pay's to be rich, or becoming a revision nose surgeon.

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